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March 15, 2017
6 Top-Notch Tourist Attractions in Bari

Although it is leading industrial and commercial center, the historic and youthful town and busy port city of Bari has charm the tourists. It is an economically vibrant place where people come mainly for work or to leave for Greece, Albania and Croatia. It was of little importance in ancient times until it was captured by Robert Guiscard in 1071. From 1324, it was independent city and has become part of Kingdom of Naples. Nowadays, Bari is like two separate towns with historic attractions, picturesque old quarter and has spacious new town. This is busy port with connections to Greece, Croatia and Albania with international airport used by famous budget airlines such as Ryanair airlines. You can make Ryanair airlines ticket reservations easily:
  1. San Nicola
It was constructed to house the relics of St. Nicolas is massive and at first look plain, but closer look reveals endearing details. Construction of this large pilgrimage church was begun in 1087 and completed in 1197. It is one of the finest achievements of Romanesque architecture in Apulia. Inside, there is 12th century tabernacle and 16th century tomb of Bona Sforza.
  1. San Sabino
San Sabino has important remains of Norman ornamentation. It’s much of interior has been restored to its appearance and rebuilding the beautiful pulpit. Inside the church are relics of saints and remains of Saint Columba. English signage explains finds here including tiny chapel, altar and paleo-Christian mosaic floor.
  1. Bari Vecchia
Narrow streets of this old town which weave into atmospheric labyrinth, it is at northern end of Bari. It has picturesque old houses, dozen churches and much more. The area is small enough that if you lost here, you can easily figure out which way to go.
  1. Castello
Situated on west side, Castello was reconstructed in 1233 by Frederick II in Norman-Swabian style. In 16th century, it was converted into palace by Bona Sforza who added corner towers and bastions above the moat. This building is now interesting museum with temporary art exhibitions and Apulian-Norman sculpture.
  1. Lungomare Nazario Sauro
This is shore promenade with magnificent seafront terrace. The best time to see mesmerizing view if in morning, when fishermen unload and sell their catch and see colorful boats in harbor.
  1. Borgo Murattiano
It is commercial and business center of Bari which is separated by broad Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. Its streets are orderly grid and straight which are lined by beautiful buildings. At the end, there is Liberty-style Margherita Theater and Prefecture Palace which is the 19th-century palace in Rococo style. Additionally, there is the Venetian-Gothic Fizzarotti Palace.