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July 07, 2016
Won't be blogging here really, as I'm co-owner of a blog already. But I figured one entry won't hurt! is about beer reviews (craft really), fiction (including game stories from games such as D&D, Rifts etc too), life (stories, lessons, whatever), cooking, technology (my fave after gaming), and lots more really. It's only been going for a few months and my partner has done most of the blogging, I have stacks of blogs to get posted and only have a few up so far, but he posts fast beer reviews and short blogs. I post longer blogs and currently am getting ready to publish about internet and identity security, with links to all the different things that have happening since around march this year and the new terrible things that are out and ending with ways people can protect themselves. So I do a lot more research and note taking and planning for mine. Anyway, give a visit if you'd like. Once I get to posting more it will become a lot more interesting lol. Let's just say I don't have filters and I love to write and be silly, whereas my partner is more of a cut and dry type writer. I can't wait to write up my story from Rifts when a glitterboy hit on me (a vampire with a flying pyramid and 100 mechwarriors on the bottom level) yeah, things won't be boring.  Ha!