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High Scores for R.C. Pro-Am (all)


Following are the top 100 scores for the game, R.C. Pro-Am:
Scoring is based on points descending, then date ascending, that way in the event of a tie, the first to reach the score is the winner.
# User Score Date
1 avatar bertsampson 267,387 30-Sep-17
2 avatar [matt] 169,762 25-Sep-16
3 avatar KHAN Games 162,914 24-Sep-16
4 avatar RegularNintendo 111,901 16-Sep-16
5 avatar [matt] 91,435 25-Sep-16
6 avatar RegularNintendo 44,808 16-Sep-16
7 avatar JimmyLynnSanchez 21,225 01-Dec-16
8 Mmxguy 10,401 21-Jan-17
9 avatar RegularNintendo 3,750 16-Sep-16