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Class: Unreleased (Unl.)
Publisher: Tengen
Developer: Taniko
Region: United States (USA)
Peripherals: Standard or Compatible Controller
TV Format: NTSC
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Pak Type:
Unlicensed Tengen Cart
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Used Price: NEI

Sources of Information

From NintendoAGE

During January of 1992, Simon Nicol had been put in charge of porting the popular Amiga/arcade game Technocop to the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was coming along nicely (it has been said that it was completed) when Tengen decided to scrap the idea.

Technocop had been ported to the Sega Genesis two years earlier by a company named Razorsoft. Razorsoft's first Sega release was titled Death Duel. Things didn't settle well with Sega (as Death Duel was very violent) but they left it slide by. One of Razorsoft's next releases was Technocop, which was also quite graphic for the time. Razorsoft had planned a third release for the Genesis, Stormlord. The game had featured some nude faeries. Sega complained and Stormlord was censored before it hit shelves. Although it is possible that Tengen didn't want to release Technocop due to the poor publicity that Razorsoft had received from their Technocop game, it is a very unlikely reason.

Technocop is a cross between Rad Racer and Robocop. Each stage is broken down into two different sections. In every stage you start out behind the wheel. After driving along back country roads for a few miles (shooting cars as you drive) your player pulls over and decides that it is time to find and arrest the criminals. This is where the fun begins...

After you stop the car, Technocop turns into a Robocop-style game. Your player enters an abandoned warehouse with the intent on finding (and arresting) the crime gang leader. The player has approximately four minutes to find the criminal that they are looking for. After that, it is time to hit the streets again and start the process all over again.

Below are some screenshots from the Sega Genesis version of Technocop...

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The graphics in the Additional Images section are all from the unreleased Nintendo version of the game. Although they aren't as detailed as the Genny graphics, they look decent considering they're 8-bit.

Special thanks to Simon Nicol for the graphics.