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All-Star Baseball 2002

Packaging (front)

Class: Licensed
Publisher: Acclaim
Region: United States (USA)
1  Cart: Very Widespread
1  Box: Very Widespread
1  Manual: Very Widespread
Platform: Gamecube (GC)
Released: November, 2001 (11/18/2001)
UPC Code: 0-21481-65207-6
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Sources of Information

From the Publisher
Where the Stars Play
  - Hall of Fame Team - Play as your favorite players from the past like Nolan Ryan, Reggie Jackson, and Yogi Berra.
  - New and Remodeled Stadiums - Create your own All-Stars experience at the 2001 All-Star Safeco Field.
  - Improved User Control - Check swings for those uncertain strikes and a CPU Defense Assist Option for full player control.
  - Never Before Seen Broken Bats - Watch your favorite players split wood on theo fast inside strikes.
  - Innovative 3-D Batting and Pitching Interface - Gain pinpoint control for your pitches or angle the batting curor to slap one into the gap for extra bases.