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8-BIT XMAS [2011]

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Class: Homebrew
Misc: 2011
Publisher: RetroZone
Developer: RetroZone
Region: United States (USA)
5  Cart: Average
4  Box: Common
5  Manual: Average
Peripherals: Standard or Compatible Controller
# of Players: 4-Player Simultaneous
Extended Play: None
TV Format: Multiregion
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Released: 2011
Pak Type:
Clear White
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Used Price: NEI

Sources of Information

From NintendoAGE

The box is custom designed, and sold separately, by NA member Fsped09 through his website:

This cart is no longer sold by and can be found in their "discontinued" section
From the Publisher
"It's that special time of year we spend with family and friends, a time of rejoice and generosity, a time for sipping eggnog whilst warming our socks in front of a toasty fire, and time once again for the holiday cart you waited all year for! Defend your fireplace! 
Gather up all of your best friends for the newest game by RetroZone, Fireplace Bash!!. A four-player brick breaking party game that doubles as a lovely musical 8-bit fireplace background for your xmas parties, or it can also be enjoyed alone! While everyone is drunk on egg nog trip out to the colorful blinky lights that surround the edge of the cart. Top loader recommended to see the pretty colors, but front loader looks cool too. When you defend your fireplace the blinky lights changes to your player color. This year the blinky lights are even more blindingly bright! 
Much more than a reproduction, this original game cartridge is built using all new parts. No donor carts were harmed in the making of this game. 
If you just want to play the game, here is a free ROM download! Load it up on your PowerPak or favorite emulator and destroy your friends. You will be sad you are missing out on the amazing blinky lights and HARD MODE. 
For the personalized touch, you can order Custom Text for the on screen message and the message inside the printed card. Send one to each of your friends, or just a few to yourself! 
Custom Text ordering info: 
This is only required if you ordered your cart with Custom Text. If you did not, your cart will come with a generic Happy Holidays message. The on screen message is 2 rows, 24 characters each row including spaces. Only capital letters, numbers, and simple punctuation will be used. See the demo ROM for an example of the custom text. The printed card will use the same message as the cart."
The game this year is called "Defend your fire" and the cart has blinking led lights just like previous years.