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Class: Licensed
Publisher: Kemco
Developer: Santa
Region: United States (USA)
5  Cart: Average
6  Box: Uncommon
6  Manual: Uncommon
Peripherals: Standard or Compatible Controller
# of Players: 1-Player Single
Extended Play: Battery
TV Format: NTSC
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Released: 1991
UPC Code: 0-44499-00013-4
Pak Type:
Standard Cart
Collector Stats & Tracking:
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Sources of Information

From the Publisher

What a pity about your automobile.  And your sister, she came to our mansion for help. But now I'm afraid she desperately needs yours! Welcome to our humble abode. . .  

I regret you'll have to carry on your search alone.  It seems we're down to a skeleton staff.  Oh, my! Is that your sister screaming?  I hope you're not too late to save her.  Horrors!  It's becoming grotesquely obvious why all our guests feel so. . . Uninvited!

Codes, Cheats & Spoilers
 =>Weird Things: Try all of these for interesting text and events... and, for
many, death.
* Punch a headstone. * Get into the coffin hidden in the maze.
* Talk to monsters. * Enter the prison cell.
* Don't leave your car. * Use the bottles on yourself.
* Bug the maze creatures. * Catch the cat or snake in the cage.
* Eat greenhouse fruit. * Use Telemaze outside of a maze.
* Use Cloudisi.

Nintendo Power Top 30
We've recreated the Nintendo Power TOP 30 from Player's, Pro's & Dealer's, here on NintendoAge. Following are all of the issue #'s where this game appeared in the TOP 30, what score it received (# of #votes) and the rank it received in that issue.
Issue Date Score Rank
Nintendo Power #029 10/1991 1,197 26