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P'radikus Conflict, The

Alternate Title: pradikus
Class: Unlicensed
Publisher: Color Dreams
Developer: Oetinger
Region: United States (USA)
7  Cart: Rare
7  Box: Rare
7  Manual: Rare
Peripherals: Standard or Compatible Controller
# of Players: 1-Player Single
TV Format: NTSC
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Released: January, 1990 (01/01/1990)
Pak Type:
Blue Cart
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Used Price: NEI

Sources of Information

Major Variations for P'radikus Conflict, The:
Title Code
P'radikus Conflict, The (Black Version)

Associated Releases:
Reg. Title Code
P'radikus Conflict, The

From NintendoAGE

The P'radikus Conflict was released in three (3) know variants:

  • Blue cart with blue back-label
  • Black cart with black back-label
  • Blue cart with blue back-label, French

This game was one of the few Color Dream games released in Europe hence the French cart. The game plays the exact same but the box and manual are a tad different with French text glued to the back of them.

From the Publisher
One thousand years ago the warlike tribe of P'radikus achieved space travel by stealing a starship from the peaceful Lextorians. They have since expanded their territory and ravaged many worlds. Explore the various planets of the galaxy and rid them of P'radican outposts. Seek and destroy the home planet of P'radikus for it is the only hope of stopping the spread of the evil empire.