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8-BIT XMAS [2014]

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Class: Homebrew
Misc: 2014
Publisher: RetroUSB
Developer: RetroUSB
Region: United States (USA)
4  Cart: Common
4  Box: Common
4  Manual: Common
Peripherals: Four Score Adapter
# of Players: 6-Player Alternating
Extended Play: None
TV Format: NTSC
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Released: 2014
Pak Type:
Clear White
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Used Price: NEI

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2014 also had an option to purchase a "pin up" posters as well.:

From NintendoAGE
The box is custom designed, and sold separately, by NA member Fsped09 through his website:
From the Publisher
There's nothing more emblematic of the Holiday seasons than the cozy feeling you get waking to a fire and conifer brimming under with presents. That feeling of togetherness and warmth and holiday spirit shared while singing songs of the season with friends and family. That feeling of dominating your friends until they throw the controller at your TV. Ah, such memories! 
This year's game puts 2 teams of 3 players against each other in a crazy battle. It is the first ever simultaneous 6 player NES game! Multiple player types and many goals for victory keep the action going and make your friends want to keep playing. 4 player games require the Four Score, and 6 player games require two Power Pads. If you have a working ROB, a title screen option commands him to dance to the XMAS music. 
Much more than a reproduction, this original game cartridge is built using all new parts. No donor carts were harmed in the making of this game. 
If you just want to play the game, here is a free ROM download! Load it up on your PowerPak or favorite emulator and destroy your friends. You will be sad you are missing out on the amazing blinky lights and extra animations! 
For the personalized touch, you can order Custom Text for the on screen message and the message inside the printed card. Send one to each of your friends, or just a few to yourself! 
Custom Text ordering info:
This is only required if you ordered your cart with Custom Text. If you did not, your cart will come with a generic Happy Holidays message. The on screen message is 2 rows, 28 characters each row including spaces. Only letters, numbers, and simple punctuation will be used. See the demo ROM for an example of the custom text. The inside of the printed card will be blank so you can write your own. 
Poster ordering info:
The poster is an 18"x24" high resolution version of the card artwork. It will ship separately from your order in a cardboard tube. 
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