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PowerFest '94

Class: Competition
Publisher: Nintendo
Region: United States (USA)
10  Cart: Exceptionally Rare
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TV Format: NTSC
Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
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Used Price: $10,988.00
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Bag (front):

Bag (label):

Guest Button (front):

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Hat (front):

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Shirt (front):

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Jacket (logo):

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Jacket (front):

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Team Cyclones Shirt (front):

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Team Cyclones Shirt (logo):

Team Cyclones Shirt (tag):

Team Cyclones Shirt (rear):

Team Cyclones Shirt (rear logo):

Team Cyclones Shirt (front profile):

Team Cyclones Shirt (rear profile):

Hat Front:

Hat Inside:

Hat Back:

From NintendoAGE
Notes on additional images -- most of the images were from eBay auctions where a finalist was selling his merchandise. These are the actual descriptions in the auctions:


This is my personal Guest Badge/Pin that my parents received when they traveled with me to the Nintendo PowerFest 94 competition in San Diego, CA.

This is extremely rare, I'm not sure if any others exist.
The badge is 3"x2".  It's more than 20 years old so it is not perfect; it will have defects.

Nintendo PowerFest 94 T-shirt

Here we have a Nintendo PowerFest 94 T-shirt.

This one is even more rare than the other two that are currently listed on Ebay.  

This was the first shirts that were given away in the beginning of the tournament in 1994.  As you can tell the back says "PowerFest 94" rather than "Play It Loud" that the more common ones have.  Also this one doesn't have the logo on the sleeve.  As far as I know there's not any left, but if there is anybody else that has one let me know.  

How do I know this? Because I was there in early summer, in Kendall, Florida, with the teal green trailer from Nintendo at a Walmart grand opening.  Those were the shirts they gave me at the time.  Of course it's been worn and washed a few times years ago, but it hasn't been worn in 20 years, just been kept in my storage box.  It may have shrunk a little so between Medium and Large now.  But overall it is in good condition.
Approximate measurements are:
    28" long from tag to bottom hem
    20" wide from shoulder to shoulder
    21" wide from underarm seam to underarm seam
    8" sleeve length

We started going to all the tournaments in Florida that year, and the later tournaments had the "Play It Loud" shirts.  This is the earlier shirt that was later pulled and they started using the newer, revised version.

Nintendo PowerFest 94 Team Cyclones T-Shirt

Here we have my personal Nintendo PowerFest 94 Team Cyclones T-Shirt, which was given to me as a finalist.

I was one of the finalists in San Diego, CA at the Nintendo PowerFest 1994.  There were 4 teams, Cyclones being one of them.  The others were Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Typhoons.

These vintage shirts are extremely rare! There were approximately 33 shirts for each team.  There were 132 total finalists for all 4 teams.  Only the finalists that went to San Diego got one of these shirts.

It will be nice if a collector can find all 4 different shirts in the 4 different colors and logos.  It would be a unique masterpiece for Nintendo lovers!

The shirt is a little wrinkled due to being in storage for 20 years.  It's probably been washed twice.  Please don't expect it to be perfect since it's 20 years old.
It's a size Large but it might have shrunk since then so assume between M/L.
Approximate measurements are:
    30" long from tag to bottom hem
    19" wide from shoulder to shoulder
    21" wide from underarm seam to underarm seam
    9" sleeve length
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