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ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron

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Class: Licensed
Cart ID: 1043
Publisher: SEGA
Region: United States (USA)
Platform: Sega Genesis / Mega Drive (Genesis)
Released: 1993
UPC Code: 0-10086-01043-5
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From the Publisher
The Boyz R back & in worlds of trouble!

ToeJam & Earl, the dynamic duo of funk have returned home after much interplanetary partying, but all is not well. Pesky Earthlings hitched a ride on their Rapmaster Rocketship and are now causing havoc all over the once peaceful planet of Funkotron... and TJ&E are to blame!!!

17 levels of funkified action, including fungi jumping, arctic sliding and bubble bouncing! Check the scene with the Ultra-cool Funkscan... Hey, what's lurking in the bushes? Everyone into the pool!!! Explore underwater passages to find secret lairs and areas.