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1080 Avalanche

Packaging (front)

Class: Licensed
Publisher: Nintendo
Region: United States (USA)
3  Cart: Very Common
3  Box: Very Common
3  Manual: Very Common
Platform: Gamecube (GC)
Released: 2003
Collector Stats & Tracking:
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Sources of Information

Major Variations for 1080 Avalanche:
Title Code
1080 Avalanche (2 Disk - "Includes Bonus Disk With Playable Demos" Icon) DOL-DL-GTEE-USA

Minor Variations for 1080 Avalanche:
Title Code Rarity Scan(s)
1080 Avalanche FRONT COVER 0

From the Publisher
The game that started the extreme sports genre is back in 1080: Avalanche, a heart-pounding, earth-shaking return to winter glory.  Feel the ground rumble as you fly down the slope fast enough to peel the skin off your face.  The other racers are intense, but your biggest opponent might just be the mountain.