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California Raisins

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Class: Unreleased (Lic.)
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Region: United States (USA)
Peripherals: Standard or Compatible Controller
TV Format: NTSC
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
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California Raisins:


From NintendoAGE

A gentleman by the name of Brandon Murphy was an avid collector of Capcom games. One day he went into a Flordia-based game store to check on games. This in itself isn't unusual; however, there was a lady there who was selling some of her son's games in order to buy an X-Box. Among the games that were being sold were a few label-less titles (prototypes) including Mega Man 2, Platoon, and one which said "Return to Capcom" and "Raisins." Brandon was lucky enough to get the Raisins cartridge (which turned out to be California Raisins) but he wasn't thinking quickly enough, otherwise he probably would've picked up the other three games as well.

Brandon later found out that California Raisins was an unreleased game, and that his cart was worth a lot of money. He was generous enough to make a ROM image available to the public. After the ROM image was made, the cartridge was later sold.

Apparently, their are some game control issues, making the gameplay somewhat difficult.

California Raisins was one of the most notorious NES games to be canned, next to Crossbow and Hellraiser. The game was chosen as Game of the Month by Game Players Magazine, so it got much coverage.

In the Additional Images area, there are a few miscellaneous references to California Raisins, coming from old Nintendo Power magazines. The last images (Rumors) mentions many unreleased games (besides California Raisins) including Pyros and Drac's Night Out.

More information is available at Lost Levels