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Wizardry Master Series: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord

Class: Licensed
Publisher: NEXOFT
Developer: NetherRealm
Region: United States (USA)
5  Cart: Average
5  Box: Average
5  Manual: Average
Peripherals: Standard or Compatible Controller
# of Players: 1-Player Single
Extended Play: Battery
TV Format: NTSC
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Released: 1990
UPC Code: 0-93992-01025-6
Pak Type:
Standard Cart
Collector Stats & Tracking:
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From the Publisher

 Are you ready to step into the world of Wizardry?  Unmatched by any other fantasy role-playing game, the Wizardry Gaming System allows for unlimited combinations of strategies and tactics, so that each quest into the Maze is always fresh and interesting.

     Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord is the first Wizardry scenario.  Starting in the Castle, you assemble one to six adventurers to explore the magic and mystery of the ten-level 3-D Maze.  Your characters may be one of five races and eight professions, each with strengths and weaknesses.

     Under your command, brawny warriors, frail magis, pious clerics, and nible thieves accumulate experience and treasure.  As your characters gain experience, they develop greater capabilities to become even better adventurers, allowing them to venture deeper into the Maze.

     Be wary!  The treacherous Maze has some tricks and traps of its own.  Hundreds of monsters, many with magical powers equal to your own; pits; chutes; rotating rooms; teleporters; special one-of-a-kind surprises; and much more will keep you on your toes for many hours of fun.  May luck and good fortune be your companions!

Codes, Cheats & Spoilers
 =>Money Trick: This is really simply. Take one of your permanent characters
and put him in a party with 5 newly created ones. Go to the trading post and
sell all of the 5 new characters' equipment, give the money to the character
you want to keep, then return to the training grounds and erase the 5 new
guys. Repeat as often as you like to pile up that cash!

Nintendo Power Top 30
We've recreated the Nintendo Power TOP 30 from Player's, Pro's & Dealer's, here on NintendoAge. Following are all of the issue #'s where this game appeared in the TOP 30, what score it received (# of #votes) and the rank it received in that issue.
Issue Date Score Rank
Nintendo Power #018 11/1990 1,245 22
Nintendo Power #020 01/1991 1,038 29
Nintendo Power #021 02/1991 1,386 22
Nintendo Power #023 04/1991 920 25
Nintendo Power #025 06/1991 714 28
Nintendo Power #026 07/1991 1,138 24
Nintendo Power #027 08/1991 1,610 17
Nintendo Power #028 09/1991 1,146 26
Nintendo Power #029 10/1991 1,077 29
Nintendo Power #030 11/1991 1,653 18
Nintendo Power #031 12/1991 2,288 16