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Class: Licensed
Publisher: Kemco
Developer: Santa
Region: United States (USA)
3  Cart: Very Common
3  Box: Very Common
3  Manual: Very Common
Peripherals: Standard or Compatible Controller
# of Players: 1-Player Single
Extended Play: Battery
TV Format: NTSC
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Released: 1989
Pak Type:
Standard Cart
Collector Stats & Tracking:
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Sources of Information

Hardware Profiles
1 - NES-TKROM-01
UNIF Board
INES Mapper
Mapper Ctrl
CIC Type

Rom Sets
Type Name Size CRC32
PRG0 NES-3S-0 PRG 128 KB 591364C9
CHR0 NES-3S-0 CHR 128 KB 05414DD9
ROMs Combined: 256 KB 6A1F628A

Associated Releases:
Reg. Title Code
Shadowgate NES-3S-UKV
Shadowgate NES-3S-AUS
Shadowgate NES-3S-NOE/FRG
Shadowgate NES-3S-SWE/SWE
Shadowgate NES-3S-HOL
Shadowgate NES-3S-FRA/FRA
Shadowgate NES-3S-EEC

Codes, Cheats & Spoilers
 =>Kill Wraith: Throw the special torch on the Wraith to kill it.
=>Rope Bridge: A certain potion will enable you to cross the weak rope bridge
without dropping all of your equipment.
=>Odd Things: Try using all the basic commands on yourself instead of items
for some interesting responses from the game. Hitting torches or using them
on yourself can be a bit of a hot experience as well. Finally, you can kill
yourself if you stupidly decide to hit yourself with spears and hammers.
=>Take all of the items in the dragon's room: Go in and take the shield.
Take three items. Leave and go back into the dragon room. Take the other
four items. If you try to take all eight at once the shield will melt.
=>Stay Alive With No Torches Lit Glitch: In the room with the book, key,
and the collapsing floor, use your lit torches on the ice sphere, and
they will go out, yet you can still look around, take items, or use items.
The music stays normal, but if you try to leave the room you will die from
lack of light.
Intro Screen
Nintendo Power Top 30
We've recreated the Nintendo Power TOP 30 from Player's, Pro's & Dealer's, here on NintendoAge. Following are all of the issue #'s where this game appeared in the TOP 30, what score it received (# of #votes) and the rank it received in that issue.
Issue Date Score Rank
Nintendo Power #012 05/1990 3,539 7
Nintendo Power #014 07/1990 3,279 9
Nintendo Power #016 09/1990 2,787 12
Nintendo Power #018 11/1990 1,708 19
Nintendo Power #021 02/1991 1,055 28
Nintendo Power #022 03/1991 1,163 25
Nintendo Power #024 05/1991 904 30
Nintendo Power #025 06/1991 924 26