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Class: Licensed
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Hi-Tech
Region: United States (USA)
3  Cart: Very Common
3  Box: Very Common
3  Manual: Very Common
Peripherals: Standard or Compatible Controller
TV Format: NTSC
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Released: 1987
Pak Type:
Standard Cart
Collector Stats & Tracking:
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Sources of Information

Major Variations for Metroid:
Title Code
Metroid (Classic Series) NES-MT-USA-1
Metroid (New Seal of Quality) NES-MT-USA
Metroid (5 screw)

Associated Releases:
Reg. Title Code
Metroid NES-MT-CAN
Metroid NES-MT-GBR
Metroid NES-MT-EEC
Metroid NES-MT-NOE
Metroid NES-MT-ESP
Metroid NES-MT-FRA
Metroid NES-MT-ASI
Metroid NES-MT-KOR
Metroid NES-MT-GPS

Codes, Cheats & Spoilers
Normal Passwords...
|007ltp W20000| Slightly powered |M7---- --zOA0| Atop Tourian
|025kHa 8A00?Y| in Brinstar |2T-tfm a000d5|
=============== ===============
|00U--- -u0000| Ridley's Lair |X----- --N?WO| End of game in
|0AFw9Y 1800sb| |dV-Gm9 W01GMI| Power suit
=============== ===============
|0Gz--- -m3e0G| Ready for Kraid |022400 A00000| Second Quest
|00VvjS 3m00n?| |05?00m 0000aS| in Armor
=============== ===============
Weird Passwords...
|0WX002 W00004| Second Quest, |mMuiS1 II6-GE| No Suit, All Weapons
|1VW0C0 0000MO| without Armor |Jls?h0 m00WRM|
|uVt-Fq boo-W7| No suit, end of game
|9t?lM0 O00GSi| So always BEST ENDING
|Daniel Daniel| Weird Code; Freeze, Varia, no bombs, and the bad ending.
|Daniel Daniel|
|XXXXXX XXXXXX| NO Equipment - Start in Tourian without Armor... trapped,
|KKKKKK KKKKKK| because you can't kill the Metroids and you can't escape
without the Ball
|JUSTIN BAILEY| Ball, Long Beam, Bomb, Jump Boots, Varia, Wave Beam, Screw
|------ ------| Attack, 5 Tanks, 205 Missiles, no Armor, in Norfair.
|JUSTIN BAILEY| Ball, Long Beam, Bomb, Jump Boots, Varia, Ice Beam, Screw
|------ 000000| Attack, 5 Tanks, 255 Missiles, no Armor, Kraid's Hideout.
AND your Ice Beam shot looks like a Wave Beam shot.
|JUSTIN BAILEY| Ball, Long Beam, Bomb, Jump Boots, Varia, Wave Beam, Screw
| | Attack, 5 Tanks, 205 Missiles, no Armor, in Norfair.
NOTE: The 2nd line consists of SPACES, which must all be
ENTERED into the code.
|justin bailey| Reset to title screen |KIDICA RUSc19| Kraid's Hideout
|------ ------| |86NINT ENDO--| 4 tanks, 42 missiles
|999999 999999| Bomb, Wave Beam, Screw Attack, 1 Tank, ??? Missiles
|KKKKKK KKKKKK| In Hideout II. Kraid is dead, there is NO Varia, and the
Mother Brain does not exist ... neither does the time limit
for the final explosion.
=>Endings: Depending on how much time it takes you to complete the game, you
will see a different ending when you finish it.
* Beat it in under 2 hours for Samus in a leotard.
* Beat it in 2-4 hours for to see Samus in armor, but without the helmet.
* Beat it in more than 4 hours to see Samus clad in all her armor.
* Beat it in even MORE time to see her turning her back to you, loser!
=>Second Quest: After beating the game, press START to play the 2nd Quest. If
you got the 2 hour ending, you will be playing with Samus in her leotard.
Beat this 2nd Quest in under 2 hours to get an ending w/ Samus in a bikini.
=>Quit Game: Press CNTRL I: START to pause the game, and while it is paused,
hold CNTRL II: U+A, and you will jump to the PASSWORD screen, where you can
copy down your password.
=>Bomb Jump: Curl up into a ball and set a bomb, then stand up before the
bomb explodes, but don't move after standing. The explosion will propel you
into the air. Samus can jump, as long as she is in the standing position;
use this jump to reach places that might be out of reach normally.
=>Midair Hop: Curl into a ball and roll off a ledge. While falling, stand up.
Samus will be in the standing position, and thus able to jump, just like in
the Bomb Jump.
=>Wall Climb: Shoot a blue door to open it up, then stand inside of it and
jump repeatedly so that the door shuts and locks you inside of it while you
are above the ground. Now, quickly and repeatedly press D to turn into a
ball and U to get out of the ball. Repeating this should make you slowly
climb up through the wall. When you near the top of the screen, repeatedly
jump to scroll the screen up, then continue the wall climb. Doing this trick
in certain points of the game can lead you to 'hidden worlds.'
* In Hideout II - Ridley's place - there is a small, single-screen room
with an invisible hole and an energy tank. Jump to the left side of the
screen, then do the Wall Climb in the left door, facing right.
* In Hideout II, after getting off the elevator, go right and continue
right until you reach a vertical shaft. Do the Wall Climb here.
NOTE: This 'hidden world' aspect of the game has been open to great debate
and concern. People have searched long and hard for meaning to these rooms
and the specific entrance points. If you really want it, I (David) have a
text file dealing with these 'worlds' which I will e-mail to you if you
request it... unless, of course, you are reading this book 4 years after
I wrote it & abandoned it ... in which case, good luck! Stuff on the Net
never really disappears (like this code book, for example), so you might
still be able to find the info.

Nintendo Power Top 30
We've recreated the Nintendo Power TOP 30 from Player's, Pro's & Dealer's, here on NintendoAge. Following are all of the issue #'s where this game appeared in the TOP 30, what score it received (# of #votes) and the rank it received in that issue.
Issue Date Score Rank
Nintendo Power #001 07/1988 138 3
Nintendo Power #002 09/1988 1,139 3
Nintendo Power #003 11/1988 7,830 2
Nintendo Power #004 01/1989 4,220 5
Nintendo Power #005 03/1989 3,384 10
Nintendo Power #006 05/1989 3,238 9
Nintendo Power #006 05/1989 3,238 9
Nintendo Power #007 07/1989 2,351 13
Nintendo Power #008 09/1989 2,886 10
Nintendo Power #009 11/1989 1,460 21
Nintendo Power #010 01/1990 1,719 20
Nintendo Power #011 03/1990 1,820 16
Nintendo Power #012 05/1990 2,320 16
Nintendo Power #014 07/1990 1,576 17
Nintendo Power #016 09/1990 1,231 22
Nintendo Power #018 11/1990 1,783 18
Nintendo Power #022 03/1991 1,383 21
Nintendo Power #023 04/1991 935 24
Nintendo Power #032 01/1992 3,186 22
Nintendo Power #033 02/1992 2,565 29
Nintendo Power #034 03/1992 2,023 47
Nintendo Power #035 04/1992 2,610 33
Nintendo Power #036 05/1992 3,277 27
Nintendo Power #037 06/1992 2,846 31
Nintendo Power #038 07/1992 2,377 40
Nintendo Power #039 08/1992 3,089 31
Nintendo Power #040 09/1992 2,276 47
Nintendo Power #041 10/1992 3,386 40
Nintendo Power #043 12/1992 3,561 34
Nintendo Power #044 01/1993 3,184 35
Nintendo Power #045 02/1993 2,014 54
Nintendo Power #046 03/1993 5,131 24
Nintendo Power #047 04/1993 2,448 48
Nintendo Power #048 05/1993 6,590 18