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Mega Man 6

Alternate Title: megaman
Class: Licensed
Cart ID: NES-G6-USA-1
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Capcom
Region: United States (USA)
4  Cart: Common
5  Box: Average
5  Manual: Average
Peripherals: Standard or Compatible Controller
TV Format: NTSC
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Released: 1993
Pak Type:
Standard Cart
Collector Stats & Tracking:
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Sources of Information

Hardware Profiles
1 - NES-TGROM-01
UNIF Board
INES Mapper
Mapper Ctrl
CIC Type

Rom Sets
Type Name Size CRC32
PRG0 NES-G6-0 PRG 512 KB 988798A8
ROMs Combined: 512 KB 988798A8

Associated Releases:
Reg. Title Code
Rockman 6
Mega Man 6

Additional Images
Hi-Res Label Scan:

Codes, Cheats & Spoilers
! = 'True' Boss. Energy Balancer is hidden within Tomahawk's stage
|Dead Robot|Password
|A1/2/3 B1 F5
|MBustr|Flame+Rush Power
|A1 B4 C3 D4 E6|Flame |Blizzard
|A1/4 B1 C2 F5 |Blizrd|Plant+Rush Jet
|Tomahawk !|A6 C4 D2 E1/5 |Plant |Tomahawk, Beat B; Energy Balancer|
!|A6 B3 C4 D2 E5|Tomahk|Yamato Spear, Beat E |
!|B3 C4 D2/6 E5 |YSpear|Knight Crash, Beat A |
!|B5 D4 F2/4/6
|KCrash|Centaur Flash, Beat T|
|B6 D4 F2/4/6
|CFlash|Wind Storm
.... and off to Mr. X and the Bosses...
1) Rush Power
2) Silver Tomahawk
3) Blizzard/Mega Buster
4) Flame Blast/Mega Buster
I) Mega Buster
II) Yamato Spear
III) ????????
IV) Silver Tomahawk, Knight Crash, Mega Buster
=>Beat: Gather the letters BEAT from the stages to earn Beat, who will help
you smash through your enemies.
=>Energy Balancer Location: In the Tomahawk Man stage, make your way to the
path that branches off to an upper path leading to a left ladder and a
bottom path leading to a right ladder. Go via the top path, climb the
ladder, jump onto the ladder above the spikes, hang on the lowest rung, and
use a Rush Power Mega Man blast to destroy the cracked block. Enter!
=>Create-A-Password: Yet again, make your own 5-ball password.
Energy Balancer (EB) - E5 | Without Energy Balance (00) -
|Dead Enemy
| EB | 00 | |Dead Enemy
| EB | 00 |
Make sure to include the
|Blizzard Man | A2 | C2 | |Wind Man
| E2 | B3 |
Energy Balancer code
|Tomahawk Man | B1 | E2 | |Yamato Man
| F1 | B5 |
(above). For the rest of
|Tomahawk& [B]| D1 | D4 | |Yamato & [E] | B3 | D3 |
the 4 codes, choose the
| B2 | B4 | |Wind&Yamato
| F2 | D1 |
EB code if you included
|None of Above| A1 | A2 | |None of Above| E1 | B1 |
or the 00 code if you
|Dead Enemy
| EB | 00 | |Dead Enemy
| EB | 00 | don't have the Energy
|Plant Man
| A6 | A4 | |Flame Man
| C4 | A1 | Balance (F5).
|Knight Man
| B5 | A5 | |Centaur Man
| D3 | D1 |
|Knight & [A] | D5 | C4 | |Centaur & [T]| F3 | F1 |
|Plant&Knight | B6 | E3 | |Flame&Centaur| D4 | E1 |
|All of Above | D6 | E4 | |All of Above | F4 | F3 |
|None of Above| A5 | A3 | |None of Above| C3 | B2 |