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Kid Icarus

Cart Front

Alternate Title: Hong Kong Version
Class: Licensed
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Hi-Tech
Region: Hong Kong (HKG)
4  Cart: Common
3  Box: Very Common
3  Manual: Very Common
Peripherals: Standard or Compatible Controller
TV Format: PAL
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Pak Type:
Asian Cart
Collector Stats & Tracking:
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Associated Releases:
Reg. Title Code
Kid Icarus NES-KI-USA
Kid Icarus NES-KI-CAN
Kid Icarus NES-KI-GBR
Kid Icarus NES-KI-EEC
Kid Icarus NES-KI-NOE
Kid Icarus NES-KI-ESP
Kid Icarus NES-KI-FRA
Kid Icarus NES-KI-ASI
Kid Icarus NES-KI-FRA

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Codes, Cheats & Spoilers
|0000eu 60j700 uG0004 1000J0| stage 1-4
|0000ys T0J300 m2001C H000aS| stage 2-1
|00008C i04400 mIG01D I0005F| stage 2-4
|0000mu w0K200 O3G00H I100s5| stage 3-1
|0000y0 11X200 u0G00H I100t0| stage 3-4
|00008p 414100 O3G00H I500eB| stage 4-1
|AuW2e5 XcdF00 mt000G K50Wuu| last level w/ 9,999,999 points
|PAKING PAKING PAKING PAKING| stage 3-4 + Sacred Bow, unlim. potions,
73 feathers, 999 hearts, etc.
|DANGER !!!!!! TERROR HORROR| last level w/ lots of equipment
|8uuuuu uuuuuu uuuuuu uuuuuu| last level, endless life w/ 640 hearts
|ICARUS FIGHTS MEDUSA ANGELS| 2-4, invincible w/ unlim. feathers
=>Lower or Raise Prices: In a shop, press CNTRL II: A the first time and B the
second time, or press CNTRL II: A+B. This won't work at the Black Market.
=>Continue: Press B A B before the title screen reappears.
=>Hints: Characters will give you hints about the locations of things by
naming map coordinates. Each fortress consists of 8 rooms by 8 rooms (a 64
room square). A-H runs from left to right; 1-8 runs from top to bottom. Thus
A1 is the top left room.
=>Avoid Damage: Hold U+L and Pit will float up and off of the screen. He will
be safe from most enemy attacks while there.
=>Get Everything In Treasure Rooms: Use the chart below for the numbered pot
locations. If the treasure room has a black background, break pots 1, 2, and
8. If the room has a blue background, break pots 2, 6, and 7. Take the total
number of hammers you found in this room and check the chart to determine
the location of the god of poverty's pot; break every other pot, smashing
poverty's pot last. Example: If you find 2 hammers in the black room, the
god of poverty is hiding in pot 7...
Hammers 3 | Black G.O.P. 5 | Blue G.O.P. 1|
Hammers 2 | Black G.O.P. 7 | Blue G.O.P. 5|
Hammers 1 | Black G.O.P. 6 | Blue G.O.P. 3|
Hammers 0 | Black G.O.P. 4 | Blue G.O.P. 8|
Nintendo Power Top 30
We've recreated the Nintendo Power TOP 30 from Player's, Pro's & Dealer's, here on NintendoAge. Following are all of the issue #'s where this game appeared in the TOP 30, what score it received (# of #votes) and the rank it received in that issue.
Issue Date Score Rank
Nintendo Power #001 07/1988 79 5
Nintendo Power #002 09/1988 986 4
Nintendo Power #003 11/1988 3,304 10
Nintendo Power #004 01/1989 1,757 17
Nintendo Power #005 03/1989 1,712 17
Nintendo Power #006 05/1989 1,280 26
Nintendo Power #006 05/1989 1,280 26