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Caltron 6 in 1 manual by Kevin Falkowski (Typist's note: This manual was reproduced as exactly as is possible. Any errors in the manual are the fault of whoever wrote it first, not me!) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- A WORD ABOUT OUR 6 IN 1 GAME CARTRIDGE Welcome to Caltron's 6 IN 1 MULTIPLE GAME cartridge. Through many years design and development, we are very pleased and as well excited to offer you the first of it's kind in the video game industry-Multiple Game Cartridge. As you can clearly see 6 IN 1 indicates six exciting games on one single cartridge. This is our first introduction, with many more to follow, within a short future. The current six games are carefully chosen to cover the taste and interest of all ages, young and old; from amateurs to the pro; from action packed game such as as space war to evenly paced I.Q. testing game. We believe the games will offer you many hours of enjoyment as well as excitement. At the same time, in a nostalgic sense, you will probably be plunged back, way back into the genesis of our existence; as the scenery changes, you are reminded about the mysterious legend of the genie. Then again, who can resist the temptation of indulging in an imaginative trend. After all, that is what life is about--it's only a game! All the games consist of multiple stages, or levels. It is a challenge! It's fun! It's exciting! We hope you will enjoy it, as much as we do. We also would like to hear about your comments. In back of this pamphlet, there is a small questionnaire. Please take a moment to fill out, give us your honest opinion, what you like or dislike. Our future game cartridge will be based on the opinion from people like you! CALTRON INDUSTRIES INC. CALIFORNIA, U.S.A 6 IN 1 GAME LIST COSMOS COP MAGIC CARPET BALLOON MONSTER ADAM AND EVE PORTER BOOKYMAN ----------------------------------------------------------------------- CONGRATULATIONS! WE SINCERELY WELCOME YOU TO ENTER MEGA SOFT TV GAME WORLD. WE SUGGEST THAT YOU READ THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL THOROUGHLY BEFORE PLAYING THE GAME. TABLE OF CONTENTS: ------------------ FUNCTION KEY................. INSTRUCTION / HOW TO PLAY.... PRECAUTION................... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (Typist's note: At the center of this page is a diagram of the Nintendo control pad. Each heading points to the respective part of the controller. Imagine it in your mind! If you can't...what drove you to read this? And also of note, whenever I type [PAD] from here on in, there is a picture of the directional pad of the controller.) BASIC MOVEMENT: CONTROL PAD USE THE CONTROL PAD TO MOVE UP, DOWN, LEFT OR RIGHT. THE CONTROL PAD PRESS TO MOVE FORWARD, BACKWARD, UP AND DOWN. THE SELECT BUTTON THE START BUTTON THE B BUTTON THE A BUTTON ----------------------------------------------------------------------- COSMOS COP In the year A.D. 2010, invaders from Beta Star in the Alienation Space attacked the Galaxy with intentions to colonize the territory. One after another, Terror Legions were dispatched to invade and to occupy each and every one of the celestial body. Numerous defensive troops were dispatched by the Universe Defense Headquarters, but all disappeared into the vast universe... The Galaxy was on the verge of being over-come by this evil power. As a last resort, the Galaxy Commander sent out his best arsenal concoction--COSMOS COP---with the mission of wiping out the Beta Star invaders and to safeguard the Galaxy. To do so, the COSMOS COP must penetrate into the space, destroy the installations of the Terror Legion, totally annihilate the invader and to recover peace for the Galaxy. COSMOS COP INSTRUCTIONS 1. Getting started A. After the theme graphic shows on screen, push Start. B. Story tele-types on the screen. Mission 1 is given. C. This game has 6 levels, each with a given Mission: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- a. Mission I: Crossover outside defense area. b. Mission II: Go into the Volcanos Area. c. Mission III: Blast the Arsenal. d. Mission IV: Explode the Power Station. e. Mission V: Attack the Fortress. f. Mission VI: Kill the Chief. When the final mission is accomplished, the name of the game programmer shows on the screen. 2. THE CONTROL PAD FUNCTIONS: A. [START] : To start game, or to pause. B. [SELECT]: Not used. C. [PAD] : To move the Cosmos Cop in either direction. Firing ammunition is possible during movement. D. [B] Key : To fire cannon consecutively, no limit. E. [A] Key : To fire Neutron Missle, Limited. Number on lower right corner of screen indicates remaining rounds. 3. POWER & NUMBER OF COSMOS COP: Power of the COSMOS COP shows in the lower left corner of the screen by the pink color bar. Power is reduced each time being hit. When power goes to [0], the figure explodes. The remaining number of COSMOS COP, shown in the extreme lower right corner of the screen reduces. When the number becomes [0], the game is over. 4. SPECIAL HINTS: When the game is in the pause mode: Press Up, [SELECT], [B] at the same time, number of Life can be increased. Press Down, [SELECT], [A] at the same time, number of Neutron Missle can be increased. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- PORTER This game is to test your I.Q. and reflex capability. There are altogether 5 levels, each one becomes progressively more difficult. In each game, there are equal numbers of Stars and square Boxes. Your mission, as a Porter, is to PUSH each and every one of the Box to the Star position. Hey! remember, time is limited, you don't have all day! PORTER INSTRUCTIONS 1. GETTING STARTED: A. After the theme graphic shows on screen, push Start. B. The screen shows Stage, Life, and Score numbers. C. In each Stage, push all boxes to the Star position, then the next Stage appears. D. When Life becomes [0], or when Score becomes [0], the game is over. 2. THE CONTROL PAD FUNCTIONS: A. [START] : To Start game, or to pause. B. [SELECT]: |Not used. C. [PAD] : To move the character in either directions. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- D. [B] Key : When a Box is pushed into a corner, press [B] to start again. E. [A] Key : Press [A] to push a Box. 3. SCORING RULES: A. Starting with Stage I, the Score begins at 3,000 and Life begins at 3. B. Each time you go into another Stage and maintain a Life of 3, the Score increases by 3,000. C. Each reduction of Life will subtract 1,000 from the Score. Two Life reductions subtract 2,000 from the Score. 4. PRECAUTIONS: A. Each Stage has its time limits. When time is up, the screen disappears and starts over again. B. The Boxes can only be moved by "pushing", no by pulling or dragging. C. When the Box is pushed into a corner, or having a tendency to go into a corner, then the game can not be finished. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- BOOKY MAN In this community, there lived a Rat, a Beetle named BOOKYMAN, two Lizards, and a Bugger. BOOKYMAN the Beetle loves to keep clean, and he promised to help the Rat to clean the streets. But these two Lizards always keep chasing BOOKY and causing lots of nuisance. In order to finish his cleaning work, BOOKY must go through the tunnels to avoid the Lizard's attacks or to use the Bulldozer Brush to chase the Lizards back home! and to kill the Bugger who would otherwise mess up the streets. BOOKY MAN INSTRUCTIONS 1. GETTING STARTED: A. After the theme graphic shows on screen, push Start. B. When theme music stops, the [START] button is not being pressed, then demonstration of the game starts. C. BOOKYMAN the Beetle can kill the Bugger who mess up the streets. But BOOKY must use the Bulldozer Brush to defeat the Lizards. D. This game has 6 levels. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. THE CONTROL PAD FUNCTIONS: A. [START] : To start the game, or to pause. B. [A] Key : Not used. C. [B] Key : Not used. D. [SELECT]: Not used. E. [PAD] : To move the Beetle in either directions. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- MAGIC CARPET Once a peaceful and quiet baghdad city is invaded by an outer space devil tribe. The tribe captures the princess of baghdad and turns the citizens of baghdad into stone with an evil curse. Prince Aladdin learns of the princess capture and he calls upon the genie from the magic lamp. The genie supplies the prince with a MAGIC CARPET and arrow and gives the prince directions to locate the outer space devil tribe. Aladdin flies the MAGIC CARPET straight into the heart of the devil tribe. He will encounter many dangerous members of the devil tribe in his journey who can only be killed with a magic arrow. The prince will find monsters guarding every stage trying to keep him from the heart of the devil tribe but the brave prince will push onwards. Will prince Aladdin destroy the evil tribe, lift the curse and save the deautiful princes and all the citizens of baghdad ? MAGIC CARPET INSTRUCTIONS 1. GETTING STARTED A. After the theme graphic shows on screen, push Start. B. MAGIC CARPET game has 4 levels. In each level ----------------------------------------------------------------------- of the game you must get rid of all the little goblins and the big monster, then go into the next level. C. When the 4 levels are finished, the name of the game programmer shows on the screen. 2. THE CONTROL PAD FUNCTIONS: A. [A] Key : To shoot Arrows (succesively) B. [B] Key : Not used. C. [START] : To start game, or to pause. D. [SELECT]: Not used. E. [PAD] : To move the character in either direction. Firing is possible during movement. 3. GAME OBJECTIVES: A. After a series of goblins are beaten, randomly one of the following treasure appears: a. Life : Life of the character starts at 1. Each time of capture, Life increases by 4. b. POWER: Each time of capture will increase the character's Power until 5 is reached. c. SPEED: When captured, the character's agility is increased, one time only. d. BONUS: Each time of capture will increase the character's Bonus by 1 point. When the Bonus point is over 9, this treasure is shown in the lower right corner of the screen. B. The character's Life is indicated in the lower left corner of the screen when it is more than 1. When it equals to1, no Life will be shown. The lower right corner of the screen indicates the Bonus. C. During the 4th level of the game, an enemy appears. After its killing, the treasure of a MAGIC LAMP appears. When captured, Life increases to 80, you become invincible. D. Each time you go through a Level, you retain the same Life and Power from the previous one. 4. SPECIAL HINTS: Press [SELECT] and [B] at the same time. Power can be increased. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 90 DAYS LIMITED WARRANTY CALTRON INDUSTRIES, INC. warrants to the original purchaser that this game cartridge is free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. If a defect covered by this warranty occure within the warranty period, CALTRON INDUSTRIES shall at its option, repair or replace the defective cartridge free of charge [except for the cost of returning the cartridge]. All implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby limited to 90 days from the date of purchase and are subject to the conditions set forth herein. In no event shall CALTRON INDUSTRIES be held liable for incidental and/or consequential damages for the breach of any expressed or implied warranties. The provisions of this warranty are valid in the United States only. Some States do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or exclusions of consequential or incidental damages. So the above limitations and exclusions may not apply to you. The warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary from State to State. TO RECIEVE THIS WARRANTY SERVICE 1. Pack your cartridge together with the original dated proof of purchase. 2. Send your package [freight prepaid] within the 90-day warranty period to address shown below. 3. At our option, we shall either repair or replace another cartridge and send back to you. THIS WARRANTY SHALL NOT APPLY IF THE CARTRIDGE HAS BEEN DAMAGED BY NEGLIGENCE, ACCIDENT, MODIFICATION, TAMPERING, UNREASONABLE USE, OR BY OTHER CASES UNRELATED TO DEFE CTIVE MATERIALS OR WORKMANSHIP. CALTRON INDUSTRIES, INC. 6636 E. 26th STREET, LOS ANGELES, CA 90040 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- BALLOON MONSTER The main idea of this game is to emphasize the theory of "To exchange Time with Space" Even though this game does not have time limitations, however, the bouncing of the Balloon becomes lower and lower until it rolls on the surface and leaves no space. The game then can not be continued as if time is over. The other feature of this game is the splitting of the Balloon. When a Balloon is being hit by a bullet, it splits into four small ones. You must hit all the Balloons before they all disappear. Therefore, you must try to hit the Balloon when it is at its highest bouncing height, thereby you will relatively gain more Time to hit the Balloons. Otherwise the Balloons fall lower and lower, which represent the Time left is becoming shorter and shorter. When you hit and all the Balloons disappear, then you will go into another level. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- BALLOON MONSTER INSTRUCTIONS 1. GETTING STARTED: A. After the theme graphic shows on screen, push Start. B. The screen now show the Stage No. and REST which indicates the number of games left. C. Altogether this game has 50 levels. After finishing the 50 levels, it recycles to level 1. Each time you go into another level, REST increase by 1 until a maximum of 20 is reached. 2. CONTROL PAD FUNCTIONS: A. [A][B] Keys : To shoot bullets [succesively.] B. [START] : To start game, or to pause. C. [SELECT] : Not used. D. [UP/DOWN] : Not used. E. [LEFT/RIGHT]: To move the character in either direction. When Left/Right key and [A]/[B] key are pressed at the same time, the character moves to Left or Right with no firing. MOvement has priority. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ADAM AND EVE Adam and Eve were freely and happily playing in the Garden of Eden, But evil and hypocritical Snakes made their lives unsafe and miserable. In order to protect themselves and their Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve tried to chase the Snakes out of the Garden. Unfortunately, the Snakes always outwitted Adam and Eve. Who is going to get and upper hand in this warfare? No one knows. Please render your spiritual support in action. ADAM AND EVE INSTRUCTIONS 1. THE CONTROL PAD FUNCTIONS: A: [B] Key : Fast speed ascending. B: [A] Key : Slow speed ascending. C. [LEFT/RIGHT] : Together with [A] and [B] Keys, the character glides in either direction. D. [START] : To start game, or to pause. E. [SELECT] : Not used. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. COMMENTS: A. When the balloon on top of the character's head hits the sharp edge of structure, it will become smaller. B. When the balloon is hit by the monster's tail, it will also become smaller. C. After three hits, the character is killed and become an angel. D. Try to move the character towards an apple which can change into a pump, which in turn can inflate the balloon and give more life. E. Try to puncture the balloon on each monster's head and then kick the monster to death. F. After all monsters are kicked out, you will go to another level. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- COMPLIANCE WITH FCC REGULATIONS This equipment generates and uses radio frequency energy and if not installed and used properly, that is, in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, may cause interference to radio and television reception. It has been type tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B computing device in accordance with the specifications in Subpart J of Part 15 of FCC Rules, which are designed to provide reasonable protection agains such interference in a residention. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: - Reorient the recieving antenna. - Relocate the NES with respect to the reciever. - Move the NES away from the reciever. - Plug the NES into a different outlet so that computer and reciever are on different circuits. If neccessary, the user should consult the dealer or experienced radio/television technician for additional suggestions. The user may find the following booklet preparted by the Federal Communications Commission helpful: How to identify and Resolve Radio-TV interference Problems This booklet is available from the U.S. Government Printing Office. Washington. D.C. 20402. Stock No. 004-000-00345-4. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- NINTENDO AND NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM ARE REGISTERED TRADESMARKS OF AMERICA INC. CALTRON IND. INC. PRINTED IN TAIWAN