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Do you ever wonder if obscure crap like Time Trax is any good?  Or get curious as to how the different Super Scope games stack up against each other?  Ever wish there was a detailed list of SNES games that expanded beyond the usual top 100s?

User Brock Landers is here to answer those questions and a whole lot more; he's on a quest to not only play, but REVIEW and RANK every Super Nintendo game. 714 of them. 

Whether you're interested in how John Madden's Football stacks up, or just killing time at work, Brock has already put out SEVEN threads worth of content, starting with the worst of the worst and working his way up. Thanks to his editors bronzeshield and Splain, it's all pretty legible, too!

Check out the links below for the current rankings, and look forward to more on the way!

Volume I: #714-701
Volume II: #700-651
Volume III: #650-601
Volume IV: #600-551
Volume V: #550-501
Volume VI: #500-451
Volume VII: #450-501
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