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The KHAN Games drought is over! Introducing NEScape!, the newest NES game from KHAN Games, LIVE on Kickstarter right now👉👉
Tackling a genre that has never been done on the NES prior, NEScape! is a mystery escape room game which tasks the player with finding the exit by way of using items and solving puzzles. 🗝 
What kinds of puzzles, you may ask?!
Logic puzzles, slide puzzles, swap puzzles , music puzzles, color puzzles, key locks, symbol locks, letter locks, this game has it all! 
BONUS: The game has even been programmed to (optionally) use the SNES Mouse! That's right! If you buy (or make!) a NES to SNES adapter, you can hook up your official SNES (or Hyperkin!) mouse and control the entire game. So cool!!
Click here to check out the Kickstarter page if you're interested in helping him reach his funding goal to purchase materials to release the game in physical form!
The best part? THE GAME IS 100% DONE!!!
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