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At Wata Games, we've always said that we are about a lot more than just certifying games. Our standards and the service we aim to provide reflect the knowledge, research, and dedication that we've poured into the hobby that we love so much. And, reflected in our standards is the content that we've planned on releasing over the many years to come, including articles and features ranging from insights into collecting, op-eds on trends, special features, and much more. 

We're excited to share with you the first in a series of many articles presented as a special feature on Wata's new blog page, which you can view HERE.

As members of the community that we aim to give back to, we also want to hear from you so that we can always be improving. We're sharing our first exclusive feature of many more to come in the thread found HERE, so that we can have open discussion and build upon the foundation that is the first public guide to Black Box variant collecting. 

We look forward to hearing from you and providing more content to make our hobby that much more rewarding!

-The Wata Team
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