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How quick can you click? How fash can you mash? Yer ger defer jer?

ShmupSpeed is a button-mashing good time, and we have 5 CIB copies of the game on NES auctioning NOW, here:

ShmupSpeed is a game, or perhaps a tool if you will, designed to help you determine your "Presses Per Second" (PPS!). If you're familiar at all with the Shoot-em-up/Bullet Hell genre of games, you may know that a number of them require that you MASH THE HELL out of the buttons in order to shoot faster, thus destroying enemies and bosses more quickly to minimize the risk of death. ShmupSpeed is a quick 10-second MASH-FEST! Just slam the shit out of the A & B buttons on your NES controller (or any other controller you manage to plug into your NES), and it will give you your score. 

We've produced a total of 10 copies of the game, and those will be the only copies to ever be made! 5 are going to the team who made it a thing and the other 5 are on auction, with the auction ending November 3rd at 10pm NA time. 

Best of all, all proceeds are going to charity! The auction is being held by Douglas Glover (Gloves (me)), who does Extra Life annually, gathering donations to help Sick Kids through Children's Miracle Network Hospitals!


Extra Life is a charity where participants play games for 24 hours each year to raise funds for local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. This year Gloves is doing the ShmupSpeed release (above) to raise funds in a fun way, but he (me) is still going to do the 24 hour marathon, as is tradition. You can join him (me!) on Twitch on November 3rd for a full day of video game fun, featuring your game requests, featured homebrew games like The Incident and Spook-o-Tron, and other fun stuff!

If you want to support the cause directly you can go here to give:

Join me (Gloves!) on November 3rd on Twitch here:

Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated! The goal this year is $1200, same as last year. We're at 30% of that so far, and poised to blast through on Game Day thanks to your support!

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