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Man, oh, man, there's going to be a lot of cool stuff this year at LPGE 2018. Working with the PlanetVB community, the past few years LPGE has presented the only 2-Player Virtual boy tournament on Hyper Fighting that we know of. This year, they're hoping to have at least two, 2-Player setups with a selection of FOUR 2-Player capable games. Over the weekend you'll be able to choose from Hyper Fighting, Mario Tennis, TicTacToe, or 3D Battlesnake!

The Retro World Series will be hosting a Tecmo Dallas tournament. Signups are Saturday morning at 10 with the championship being streamed later that afternoon on the RWS Twitch feed, with a sweet custom trophy for the winner. The Expo itself has doubled down and will be setting up Kirby Airride, with LANed Gamecubes, in addition to LANed Double Dash! Hope they have enough controllers.

Perhaps the biggest news for the NintendoAge community is the reemergence of the SimCity prototype. Yes, the SimCity prototype for the NES will not only be at the Expo, they'll be running a high-population tournament all weekend. Attendees will be given ten minutes in Practice mode to build the biggest city they can. When not being used for competition, attendees will be encouraged to test drive it. As a throwback to our childhoods, they may leave it on overnight Saturday...


Oh yeah, and then there's the national Smash Bros tournament Low Tier City, modern fighting game tournaments in Kumite in Texas, the Arkham Arkade, the talent like Jon St John or Dan Kitchen, the art gallery, museum, D&D room, scavenger hunt, Microsoft area, Chimera Laboratorium... the list goes on!
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