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I am pleased and honored to introduce to you Wata Games, a video game certification company.  Pleased because we, the community, now have what we have been asking for--a game certification service with consistent and clear standards, that is run by collectors with a serious passion and knowledge for video games.  I’m honored because I am a member on the Advisory Board of Wata Games.

Wata is founded by longtime NintendoAge members Deniz Kahn (superNESman) and Kenneth Thrower (K.Thrower), both diehard collectors and friends of mine and many in the community. With the help from their founding team (including Mark Haspel, CGC’s first employee and ex-president, & Doreen Tho) and a variety of experts in the fields of video games as well as collectibles and certification, they have taken the time to address all the issues presently faced in collectible video games by closely listening to and making decisions based on the concerns of our community.

Make no mistake—this is not just another grading service.  Authentication, security, detailed variant information and a state-of-the-art holder have all been planned with the highest quality standards.  On top of that, all states of games are now available for certification!  You don’t have to be a sealed collector to be a part of the action.  Carts, CIBs, homebrews, NFRs and more now have a home, as do their respective collectors. 

With a great starting lineup and more being added regularly, be sure to sign up and follow them to keep up with all they will be doing.  If you’re in the Midwest, you can see them from April 6-8 at their debut show, the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) at booth #913.  For more info, go to their Introduction thread here.

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