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Another ambitious project has been launched on Kickstarter this week by none other than NA's own PowerPlayers, the user formerly known as JosephLeo. This guide aims to help collectors track, manage, and help price all 677 licensed NTSC USA game titles, 91 unlicensed games, 2 Nintendo World Championships cartridges, and the 9 Nintendo Service Center test cartridges. This book was designed with CIB collectors in mind and at 5" x 7", will fit in nicely with your boxed NES collection.
Stretch goals, every $1,000 will introduce a new list or feature, like the inclusion of PAL region exclusives or Homebrews. And Power Players doesn't just stop at this guide book. They hope to create periodic updates to this collectors guide, like a modern Funcoland price sheet. So far, the Book looks super easy to use and promises to include the following information for all games: 
  • Checklist (Cartridge, Instructions, Box)
  • Price You Paid
  • Maximum Retail "Pay" Price - Loose & Complete
  • Minimum Retail "Trade-In" Price - Loose & Complete
  • General Rarity
  • Screw Variants & Relative Rarity
  • Unique Variants & Relative Rarity
  • Game Publisher
  • Game Rating

It's like a modern day Scrye, but for Nintendo, and it can be ours if we pledge today!
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