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If you missed out on their very limited releases the first time around, toshi5o3 has launched a Kickstarter for these two amazing homebrews. With an original run and combined total of 40 carts only for boths games, this is your gaurenteed chance to snag a copy. We say guarenteed because although it's been a little over 24 hours since launch, the campaign has already been funded!

This brand new, 2-in-1 game for the NES combines Ninja and Ninja II for a series of mini-games that are geared around the utilization of different control schemes per stage/event. While most games tend to use the same control scheme throughout their game, the Ninja series tries something different. Gamers will have the choice to either play alone against a CPU at different difficulty levels or to challenge a friend. Ninja II has a hidden built-in scoring system that is compatible with RetroUSB’s AVS and’s online Scoreboard. Pledge your support today by clicking the link below!
Pledge Ninja1+2 Kickstarter
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