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A huge gauntlet has just been thrown down in the video game box art scene, and NA’s own member moderator Bronty isn’t messing around. 

If you've been on the forums as long as we have, then you know some guys are so far ahead they've moved on to collecting video game related items we wouldn't even think of, like the box art to our beloved games. And not just reprints, we're talking the original artwork, usually a painting that would later be photographed. Shoot, there's about to be a whole documentary on the subject.

Unfortunately for this very niche community, and for gaming fans all over the world, the
UK Illustrator Bob Wakelin, who did many of the covers for Ocean in Europe, but most impressively the NES cover for Contra, passed last week.  While he will never be forgotten after creating such an iconic image as the Contra cover, this offer may give him a second round of celebrity for possibly creating the highest selling video game artwork ever? 
$100,000 for the Contra box art.

You're reading that right. Six figures. And while the internet trolls will mock and jest, those of us here realize that this is a serious offer and we may just be on a fun ride that hopefully brings this historically piece of artwork from whatever rock it's hiding under. Links below to follow this soon to be epic thread.
Bronty’s Offer Thread

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