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We'd been wondering what retroplayer.NL had been up to, and we found out over the weekend with the launch of their holiday themed homebrew for the NES. If you love games with a real Christmas vibe, Santa's Magical Christmas Sleigh is for you! Santa's Magical Christmas Sleigh is a classic puzzle-platformer game with awesome gameplay, memorable characters, and an EPIC 8-bit soundtrack.

The story involves Glinch who, to stop Christmas from coming, decided to steal Santa’s magical sledge. Now Santa and his Elf need to travel across five worlds, each world composed of three levels, to recover the sledge and save Christmas. The game features a teleport game mechanic, switching between Santa and Elf, multiple stage exits, alternative routes, hidden sub levels, a password system, and more! Of course they will use all new parts for this production.
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Or if you’re looking for a stocking stuffer in the analog entertainment category, part of the Mother to Earth team just launched a Kickstarter for a Mother/Earthbound themed cookbook. Mother’s Cookbook is a beautifully quirky and tasty EarthBound-inspired cookbook written by Hillary Froemel with original recipes developed by Chef Bryan Connor. This 8" x 10" cookbook will be available in hardcover, paperback, and digital form with over 140 pages of full-color professional photos, easy-to-read cooking instructions, delightful doodles, and endearing notes from mom herself.

The book delves into the themes of exploration, overcoming the odds, and trying new things just like Earthbound itself. Some recipes are straight from the game, like Mammoth Burgers, Magic Cake, or Peanut Cheese Bars, while other recipes are inspired by the game’s characters and locations, such as New Age Retro Hummus, Tessie Watchin' Stew, and Lier X. Agerate's Famous Roasted Garlic Bread. Not to worry; if you get homesick there’s even a recipe for steak done just how Mom used to make it!

Fangamer will be handling production and fulfillment of the physical rewards, which is something to say. Be sure to follow @MothersCookbook on Twitter and MothersCookbookEB on Instagram to stay up-to-date with the project and campaign. Join them on this incredible, edible adventure! 

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