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Last month, one of our intrepid NA users found a new homebrew game on eBay, made their way to the developer's website, then came back to share with NA promptly. The game, entitled Brilliant Pebbles, is a colorful Asteroids homebrew port to the Nintendo NES. When asked if they were on NA, the developer said they were not, but that they wanted to be. Since then, the developer has not only joined NA, but they've also launched a Kickstarter campaign for their next game, Tower Defense 1990, and teamed up with NA member Zi to provide the soundtrack for the new homebrew. The campaign is FUNDED only a few hundred dollars away from being funded with over with a fortnight to go, meaning it's a fo' sho.

Tower Defense looks to be ambitious, being part action, part puzzle, and part strategy. You control a wraith who still protects his old kingdom  from monsters. Watch over your previous lands and your fellow peasants. Build towers or modify old ones to defend your castle from hoards of marching enemies. Lose all your peasants and it's game over! 

The game will feature approximately 20 levels, with each featuring horizontal scrolling between two screens' worth of background.  Enemies march in waves, beginning at various locations but always ending at your castle, with typically 6 to 10 waves of enemies per level and up to 8 enemies per wave with 16 enemy types to choose from. In true RPG fashion, each type of enemy has unique hit points, speed, and weaknesses, along with two elevations choices: ground or air. 

The Collector's Gold Level pledge will have a special color shell (not gray), limited edition label, and a serial number, which is included in the game's binary and will appear on the TV.  To show appreciation, your name (or an alias) will also appear in the manual as an ultimate supporter and will appear in the printed, digital, and any other future versions of the manual. The developer made a thread here, so share your thoughts and support here: NA Thread.

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