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As we head into December, the site is getting into the swing of things. Secret Santa sign-ups have come and gone with Thanksgiving dinner and all leftovers this past week. Now it's time to get into the turn-of-the-year cheer, for all the holidays about to hit us.

First up, the annual tradition of giving a horrible and framed poloraid has been bumped and will shortly be on it's way to a new home. Next, 
the last of the officially sanctioned NA Hats and Patches are up for grabs , making an easy gift for those of you participating in any game related gift exchanges (patches sold out!). It would appear you can pay either in $20 or 4 copies of Dragon Warrior to get one shipped. Last, if you need a place to discuss all your Santa-ing, check out this thread out from Vectrex: 2017 Secret Santa-ing Thread Ho, Ho, Ho!

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