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Our own NA member Alter Egotist has just launched a new web series focusing on rare/cool Nintendo items and the history behind them. Talk about informative, jeez! This first episode was so chock full of information we had to watch it twice. Pretty cool the amount of research they managed to compile from all the way over in Ireland! Here's what they had to say about the endeavor.
Originally sent by: Alter Egotist

(This is) ...a series I've been planning for quite some time. The first one will be on a Super Mario Kart prototype and quite a few of the members on here have helped with my preparation. Each episode of this series will be about something that's pretty cool for the gaming community and we'll be having special guests on a few that they are relevant to. 

Basically they will feature anything and everything in gaming that common people might not necessarily know about, but because of contacts and friends I've made I can get more of a back story. The next video will be on a signed super Mario 3 script I have from the last episode of the cartoon for example, and then I’m planning an episode on a NES competition cart. There are some amazing items out there!
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