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Why not celebrate the spoopiness of October 31st by buying some new games for old systems?


Mega Cat Studios recently released two holiday perfect homebrews earlier this month with Creepy Brawlers and the chiptune cart Creepin' It Reel. Creepy Brawlers is like playing Punch-Out, but against all the best of horror movie monsters. Counter jabs with Wolfman or perform an uppercut on a killer Clown, possibly from outer space? And the tunes are so rocking, they got their own cart release called Creeping It Reel. We wish we had a gif of the dancing Pumpkin Head Guy, it's hilariously awesome. Oh man, and we totally forgot that there is a game on it, since it's focus is the music!
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Mega Cat Studios

Retrotainment Games released Haunted Halloween, both 85 and 86, on Famicon earlier this summer, giving you four unique oppurtunties to "Trick or Treat" it up today, either on your NES or Famicom. Help support Famicom homebrew releases by picking up a copy or spreading the word! You can always get a standard grey cart, but they also have zombie green and pumpkin orange shells.  Save the town of Possum Hollow while gorging on all the Halloween leftovers. 
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Retrotainment Games

ASM Retro, now Gameboy Life, has copies of Heebie-GBs available for the Gameboy. For those of you that want to sit outside on the porch and scare kiddos, stay portable with this chiptune cart featuring the first lineup of tunes all created using the LSDJ. Comes with some super rad halloweenie stickers, too!
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Gameboy Life

Get into the holiday spirit! Watch the second season of Stranger Things and order some stuff that feels like it could by in the show! Support your homebrew community of tomorrow by buying games today!

Mega Cat Studios saw this and hooked us up with a Gif from Creeping It Reel. Love it.

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