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Not much for us to say, as toshi5o3 has already done one heck of a write-up!

Are you ready to re-enter the world of shadow warrior training? Sneaking, Grappling Hooks, Energy Battles; these are but a few of the trials you must now face in this unforgiving sequel to "Ninja". Let's once again continue the honorary path of becoming one with the shadows, in Ninja II!
Originally posted by: toshi5o3

From Toshi503 Studios, Ninja II is a solid sequel to last year’s "Ninja". Loaded with new events  (each with its own unique sound track) and a new character, it's a continuation of the trials and tribulations that one must overcome in order to be honored with the title of “Ninja”. You'll run, jump, climb, sneak, and even gather rice-balls with your trusty wolf.
This game features:
-- 1 or 2 players
-- 8 Mini-games (timed and quick reactions)
-- Event Selection Screen (Practice Mode)
-- Unique controls per event/mini-game
-- Hidden Score System (Compatible with RetroUSB's AVS/NA Scoreboard)
-- Difficulty Setting (1  to  3 – only level “3” activates hidden score system)
-- Extra Point Rewards (for faster times/mad skills)
There's a ton of more info included in the auction thread, but I'll let the pictures and video below paint the picture. There's only fourteen left, because Ferris already bid $150. Better go bid while you have the chance!
NINJA II Auction Thread


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