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It's back!!! NESathon returns for the 6th consecutive year, where they'll be playing NES games in HD on retroUSB's AVS for over 50 hours straight to raise funds for MS research. And it all starts Friday, April 21 at 3PM EST, live on twich.
What can we expect for this year’s NESathon? Well, there’ll be exclusive prize packs, raffles, picking of the games played by donators, goofy stretch goals, and even a schedule to guide you through the 50+ hours of NES mayhem. 

Originally posted by: ne$_pimp

If we raise:
$1000 – Dance Party
$2000 – Evil Clown Zug and ne$_pimp late night show
$3000 – SMB3
$4000 – Shirtless man pyramid
$5000 – something insanely awesome will happen

The schedule
3PM - Show starts
7PM- Friday Night Four Score Fun 
Midnight - Castlevania (mog) 

1AM - Imports 
6AM - Saturday Morning Cartoon Games (crazyhand007)
Noon - Sports Segment (neidl32) 
5PM - Power Pad 
9PM - Dr.Mario Competition (cdawg)

1AM - Late Night with PIMP and Zug (if stretch goal of $2k is reached) 
7AM - Wat game iz dis (rdools) 
Noon - Tetris (ClaytonBigsby) 
3PM - Homebrew Hour (hosted by mog, featuring games from retroUSB, KHANGames, MegaCatStudios)
5PM - 50 hour mark party

Click here to watch live on Twitch!
*This announcement is coming to you live from a tent, via a hotspot in the Coachella Valley. The things we do for NA.   :)
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