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We're taking a short break from Zelda: Breath of the Wild to let you know Joe Granato is making waves, both with the game Mystic Searches and the documentary The New 8-Bit Heroes. Not only did he make several variants of Mystic Searches available for order, you can also sign up for a cart copy of the beta game, Mystic Origins. Mystic Origins isn't just a prototype slice of Mystic Searches, it is its own unique game that serves as a short, standalone prequel quest. It allows you to try out the gameplay of Mystic Searches without giving away any of the actual narrative! Here's what what ol' Joe had to say, with links below!



Originally sent by: theNew8bitHeroes

The New 8-bit Heroes (documentary about the NES post aftermarket development community) is out and doing well, and the game whose creation the documentary follows (Mystic Searches) is finally, after 2 years, in beta.  We are showing off what is essentially a prequel-quest for the game via a Steam link...  We are trying for a big push this week on Steam and could really use the help of NA to get the word out about the film, the game, and the beta.

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