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That's right, they made an announcement. Secret preorders that weren't mentioned are out there, preorder orders are being sold on the bay, and we're all discussing. So come join the party!
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Unlisted Switch Preorders Thread

Out-of-Stock: Incompetence or Evil? Thread
Switching from the Wii-U Thread
Switch Sales Prediction Thread
Switch Color Preference Thread

Here's a video that was shared in the Facebook NA group. That's right, there's a group. Join and get socially awarded! Back to the video, it combines two of my favorite things, Will Smith and hype. Thank you, @MichaelBurhan!

I can't get the frontpage/iframe to start the video at 15:40. That's where The Fresh Prince comes in, but feel free to check out Michael's entire review, I'm sure he won't mind.  ;)

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