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From resident NAer Toshi5o3, what originally started as a track and field like game, quickly morphed into what it is now: A series of events that test the skills of those that want to become shadow warriors. Previously limited to five copies available only at PRGE, Sergio has done a more complete run that is now available, one-bid auction style. It's running for an unspecified amount of time, so choose carefully with your amount! Shipping is NOT included in the bid. 
Here's a list of what is included:

-Original print (signed by artist)
-16-page full color manual
-High-res box (+clear vinyl protector)
-Dust Sleeve
-Origami Cranes (hand folded myself) with "Ukiyoe Chiyogami" paper
-Paper coin bag (to house the cranes)
-"Tenugui" (or Japanese handtowel)
-Uniquely colored bag (all of the goodies will go in it)

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