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For those of us that enjoy video game cover music, fellow NA member toshi5o3 is following up his debut cart... album... cart-album, with a new NES music video for his next arrangement from Metroid, "Kraid's Theme." From what we're being told, this is just to showcase that he's finally back at it.

If you're not familiar with our fellow NAer toshi5o3, his last project was intensity in ten cities. Titled "A Winner is You," it involved transcribing video game music for instruments, recording said new arrangments, and then putting his recordings onto a NES cart. Did we mention that he does everything himself, including playing every instrument?!?! If your interested in picking up a cart, you can buy a copy over at

It's safe to say that there are "talks" of the next album being on a cart again. We hear that with a title like "We are Error" that there may also be a surprise involved. Color us curious!
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