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Coffee Crisis is a new game for the Sega Genesis and PC and is live on kickstarter right now. I know the Sega Genesis is the ugly stepchild for retro gaming, but we couldn't help but show it the love it deserves. Especially when it involves these three things: coffee, metal, and showing off member's projects. This one is coming from a team of people, including OutbackPanda and several more members to be named once I know who they are, haha!

Coffee Crisis is a sweeping classic beat ‘em up that pays homage to the era of Streets of Rage, Turtles in Time, and arcade quality action with a 16-bit aesthetic. Driving that focus home, Coffee Crisis has a Sega Genesis release in physical form that plays on hardware in addition to a full PC release. It's kickstarter is literally halfway to it's goal with seventeen days left. And man, oh, man, do they have a ton of merch and tiers to choose from. Like coffee! Or the game...
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Coffee Crisis on Kickstarter

UPDATE: Coffee Crisis has added a tier specifically for NAers! They'll be doing an limited run of CIB copies with an alternate print and shell for us here on NA. Just another way to know that Nintendo won the war with Sega! That's not all, though. 10% of the proceeds from that tier will go back to the NA server fund.

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