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Yesterday is one of those moments in life you wish you never had to experience. We found out that Jeff Kilgard (Jobber8742), a long-time member of the NA family, passed away suddenly in his sleep. Jeff leaves behind his wife, Shelby and his son, Mason. Jeff was a selfless guy, always making time to help his NA friends smile. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jeff's family and friends.

NA Campouts and gatherings will never be the same without you, Jeff -- you will be eternally missed. May you rest in peace.

- Your NintendoAge Family

A fundraiser has been set up, this drive is to help his wife and child with the expenses they are incurring in this horribly difficult time for them. Thank you for you generosity in helping the Kilgard family.

That's right, it's only one week away from the LPGE. Hosted by some of our own (Ferris Bueller, Bruleski, supra88tguy), it's going to be another fun filled year of gaming goodness. They're giving away a trip to Portland (Classic Tetris World Championship Qualifier), a trip to Madison, Wisconsin (Tecmo Madison Qualifier), another arcade cab (Space Invaders Deluxe hi-score contest), and there's a $5000 pot bonus being throw at the national Smash tournament (Low Tier City).

Other firsts would include the Nintendo Playstation coming to Texas (it hasn't ever been here) and running a tournament on said machine! If Terry gives the approval... Also, the creator of the Goofy Foot controller will be in town to run the Goofy Foot Tournament (furtherest on SMB2). Then there are the vendors, artists, guests, and the return of "Play the Creator" tournament, where the winner of the hi-score contest on Q*Bert (arcade) will get to play Warren Davis, creator of the game, in an epic head to head battle!

Seriousy, #BeThereorbeaPixel.