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February 24, 2015¤ by Dain 

NintendoAge member Vectrex280996 has two homebrews about to be released, Deal or no Deal and Commie Killer.
While the former is a port of the gameshow as a little tribute to the GameTek gameshow games, the latter is a completely original arcade style game where you fight off an army of giant commie heads from outer space!
The LEs of Deal or no Deal still need to be designed, but Commie Killer is coming along well and LEs should be available for auction soon, featuring customizable text and high scorers.

Commie Killer thread -

Deal or no Deal thread -

February 13, 2015¤ by Dain 

The Mad Wizard: A Candelabra Chronicle is ON SALE NOW and Keep community homebrewers brewing by supporting their projects!

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