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The Let's Play Gaming Expo in Dallas, Texas, happening August 1-2!
Posted by Ferris Bueller on July 23, 2015

For those of you that may have missed it, Ferris Bueller has spent the past year putting together a game expo for Dallas. Having toured the country making videos of all the greats, he decided to give it a whirl himself, with help from fellow gamers/collectors in the DFW area. What can you expect to see at Let's Play? Well...

75 arcade machines, 60 free play consolesHyper Fighting on the Virtual Boy for two players, a PowerFest 94 million point challenge, Low Tier City 3 (a national Smash tournament with singles and doubles in Melee, Project M, and Smash4), exciting panels (including our very own divingninja discussing Nintendo variants), a Tecmo Super Bowl competition on NES, a video game themed art gallery, a Mortal Kombat X tournament on Xbox One, a 4-Square tournament hosted by WAKA, a Minecraft tournement put on by Microsoft, and thanks to Uncle Tusk, the first ever Southern Regional Qualifier to enter the Classic Tetris World Championship at PRGE in October. That's right, if you can score high enough at the Let's Play Gaming Expo, they're going to fly the winner to Portland to compete against the best of the best!

See you guys August 1-2 in Dallas, Texas... well Plano, Texas really, a suburb ten minutes north of Dallas.

NES Collector Book and New NES Homebrew RPG
Posted by Dain on July 14, 2015

Jeffrey Wittenhagen and Sly Dog Studios have a double Homebrew project. It's a NES collector's guide along with a brand new NES RPG where you collect games.

The book takes a graphical approach to the printable checklist available here on NintendoAge, allowing a beautiful collector's piece to compliment any NES collection.

You can check out more information on these by clicking the link below.

Homebrew: The Rise of Amondus -- On Sale Now!
Posted by Dain on July 01, 2015

Punch out!! - The Fight Theme by toshi5o3
Posted by Dain on June 23, 2015

NES Homebrew Available: Swords and Runes
Posted by Dain on June 20, 2015

FG Software has two NES homebrews for sale!
Posted by Dain on June 19, 2015

Chip Maestro MIDI NES is Back!
Posted by Dain on June 09, 2015

Available Now: Fighting Simulator World Champ!
Posted by Dain on May 20, 2015

NESATHON 2K15 - Starts May 29th @ 5pm EST!
Posted by Dain on May 18, 2015

Legend of Zelda - Dungeon Theme by toshi5o3
Posted by Dain on May 14, 2015

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