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October 18, 2014¤ by Ferris Bueller 

If you're near the Portland area, this is obviously where you should be this weekend. For those of us who couldn't make the trip, though, here is video coverage of last year to help us cope.
Interviews include talking with Rich from about some Arcade games he made from scratch, DJ Switch about what it's like to provide the tunes to an entire convention, and a followup interview with Marc Ericksen on whether or not Mega Man's foot is broken. Highlights include the unveiling of the HDMI NES prototype from, a heated game competition at the Saturday Morning booth, and a group shot of all the NA'ers in attendence. 

October 13, 2014¤ by Dain 

On October 15th, Nomolos: Storming the Catsle by Gradual Games will be back! Available from infiniteneslives, the re-release of this well-known NES homebrew will feature updated cut-scenes, and a bonus level! Check it out if you missed the first release! The Gradual Games' team will be featured on Episode 3 of PBS show Beyond Geek, airing around the nation on October 15th, coinciding with the re-release!

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