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May 20, 2015¤ by Dain 

Fighting Simulator World Champ is a game that was set for release on the NES in 1991/92 and was developed by Culture Brain.  It is part of the Flying Warrior series of games and saw a famicom release as Hiryu no Ken Special: Fighting Wars in June of 1991.  The game gets away from the clunky platforming aspects of Flying Warriors and instead focuses on a heavily refined Tournament style format and story mode.  There are 4 modes of play available:  Circuit, Tag Match, VS Tournament, and Elimination Match.

The Nolan brothers have hunted down the proto of the game and have made it available. The game will cost $85 shipped in the US, $105 Shipped to Canada, and $110 Worldwide.

Get your copy today!

May 18, 2015¤ by Dain 

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