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Newest most modern LED/LCD that supports 240p through Component/S-Video... ...and has a good response time.

Jul 17, 2017 at 4:14:18 PM
JCE3000GT (4)
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Help a retro brother out!  So my quest to find a way to play my retro consoles (SNES, 3DO, Saturn, Dreamcast, etc) using real hardware on one of my three HDTVs has failed.  I'm not spending $300 for a framemeister, HD Retrovision cables (SCART, etc) while brilliant won't do me any good because all three TVs failed their tests, and I'd really like to not have to rely on building another computer for emulation purposes even though I have some very good parts to use (Phenom II X4+GTX960 S-SC+128GB SSD).  I'm probably going to be turning one of my PS4 kiosks into a retro gaming machine and at some point I'll need a TV to mount on to it.  LOL  

So that brings me to get some help from the community.     I'd like to find out what (fairly) modern LED/LCD TVs or HDTVs that can accept 240p connections from Component and or even straight from S-Video.  I'm mainly looking for 32" up to a max of 40".  I don't care what the brand is at this point just that it has low latency/lag and that repair kits are possibly available for it.  

So let's have it, what LED or LCD TV/HDTV models have you all bought recently that support 240p through component and or S-Video?  Please give make and model # with what you paid for it if it is a year or so old if possible and if you have a pic of it even better!     Thank you all in advance!  



P.S. I'd really like to not have to emulate...  Did I mention that yet?   

I'm looking for the below FF12's for the PS2, PM me if you can help!

SCAJ-20188: International - Zodiac Job System (HK/SG)
SCKA-20073: Original release (KR)
SCKA-20138: International - Zodiac Job System Ultimate Hits (KR)

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