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Need game genie Rad Racer stage 8 sub level codes for power glove practice finished all previous stages and reached the very legit with the power glove . Want to save some time

Apr 21 at 8:27:23 AM
pixelsmash (0)

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Can someone provide sub level game genie codes for stage 8 for the Rad Racer? Need 3 codes that start you at normal time at the last 3 checkpoints in stage 8.

The  reason for this request is that I've finished all the levels up until the very end legit with the power glove and need codes to save time to practice just for the end of part of this stage, as it's a bit harder to master/more time consuming with the glove, even though I've already reached the very end many times and have almost mastered the level. Want to save some time.

Would be greatly appreciated.


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