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Retro Game Store Owner here, back on here after a few years hiatus Thank you for helping out the small guy

Jun 13 at 1:16:51 PM
bazaargametrading (22)
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Hey guys, I just wanted to hop in and say, when I started this business 5 years ago, I wouldn't have been able to survive and pay the bills if it weren't for some of the amazing people on this website. I started the business at 25, desperate to make a living for me and my (now) wife. She had severe anxiety issues throughout her 20's, which held her from working. I decided to follow my passion and start a retro game specialty business so that she could work with me and we could be together.

Now, 5 years later, we just moved to a new location in January. It has all been a success, but there were many setbacks. 2 years ago around valentines day my store was broken into and we almost lost everything I built from the ground up. Our community rallied around us and made it possible for us to pick ourselves back up and survive. 1 years ago, around the same time, I shattered my ankle in a blizzard. My wife due to her anxiety hadn't gotten her licence yet and didn't know how to drive. She also had anxiety about running the store alone or being alone in the store with one employee. She pulled herself up and made it work while I sat in the background learning.

This year I just discovered that my father has cancer, and we've run into a lot of unexpected medical bills. I'm not telling all of you this for sympathy or so you'll buy or whatever. Just that the people who transact here with small business owners like myself, are really helping a family, real people, and a community. In our day and age, the world isn't set up for the small guys. It's set up so the big guys can get bigger and keep the small guys at bay. We're not looking to be millionaires, just trying to make a positive impact in our community, and make a life for our young family. I have come back on to meet some new faces, move some more stuff to continue growing and continue solving our business and real life problems.

In times of slow business, and when we needed a helping hand, I've always come here. And I can't believe how many wonderful people I've met who support our dream and our mission to treat this product with the respect and curation it deserves, and to show our customers the meaning of customer service. We're here for our customers, and if we weren't, we'd have been out of business long before the 5 years we've made it to today. You guys have always lifted us up out of our very real problems, and I just want to say thank you for helping out the small guy. Us small businesses in this climate, need it more than ever. 

With Much Sincere Love and Appreciation

Will, and Bazaar Game Trading.

First off, thank you in advance for supporting my families small business, every transaction makes a real and tangible difference in our lives and as a fellow lifelong gamer, it means a lot to be able to get you the gear and games you want at a good value. 

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Phone -  781-552-0308 (call or text to place orders or with any questions!
Email -
Address - 22 Pondview Place
                  Tyngsboro, Massachusetts 01879

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Jun 13 at 1:46:18 PM
empire (58)
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British Columbia
Great story, congrats on the success

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Jun 13 at 2:22:04 PM
BouncekDeLemos (80)
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Man, running a game store is indeed tough. Been doing it for the past 20 years, and I know what it's like to be broken into.

However, though troubling times you'll pull though.  

For anyone who shops for game out in the wild, hit up and support your local mom and pop retro game shop a little more often. Running a business isn't a small feat, and a gamestore's no exception.

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Jun 13 at 3:55:23 PM
rsk7405 (136)
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Hey Will! Congrats on getting back up and running, and cheers to continued success in the future.

Jun 13 at 4:35:20 PM
Silverspoon (33)
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Welcome back to NA Will! I also suffer from severe anxiety from my PTSD, so I know a lil bit about what your wife is going thru, and my wife could relate to you with having to deal with it from that prospective.

Jun 13 at 6:38:53 PM
boodead (28)
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Hey Will, welcome back, I'm terribly sorry to hear about your father, I wish you and your family the best!


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Jun 14 at 3:03:30 PM
TheNESPage (0)
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Hey Will, I know how tough it can be running your own business.. especially with all of lifes ups and downs. I wish you and your family the best.. I'd like to share your fb page and website on our FB page if you don't mind?

Take care!

Jun 14 at 3:27:52 PM
Meteor_of_War (21)
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I'm also from MA and I remember hearing about your store's break in last year on the local FB groups. 

Glad to hear it didn't stop you and you're still in business and doing well.  As a game hunter admittedly I hardly ever shop at game stores.  I much prefer finding games in the wild for cheap, not just for the price but its just more of a thrill to me and I know a lot of game collectors are the same so I can imagine how tough it must be running a retro game store. 

Good luck in your business going forward.



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