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Recommended repro cart makers.

Nov 14 at 10:18:43 AM
romevi (5)
< Eggplant Wizard >
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I know there are 1,001 repro cart makers out there, but I wanted to know if anyone had any recommendations.
Specifically, I'm looking for someone who can make the internals, and maybe print the labels (still haven't figured out a method to print my own labels).
I like to use different-colored carts for ROM hacks and 'brews, so I usually get my own shells.

I'm looking for NES, SNES, and Genesis games. Shoot, I can even provide the patched .nes file if necessary.


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Nov 14 at 2:56:03 PM
JamesRobot (16)
(AKA JamsGobot ) < Lolo Lord >
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Have you looked here?

Most of the repro guys offer to install other games if it's not something they already offer.