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SNES console + SD2SNES flash cart, 2 controls, Super Gameboy + Hori controller, SCART RGB cable

Oct 09 at 10:34:15 PM
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$350 Shipped (this covers shipping & handling as well as OfferUp fee), or $300 local pick up (Berkeley, CA). Price is FIRM and not negotiable. No trades! Nothing sold separately!

Link to pictures on Imgur:

Here is what you get:

- SNES (Super Nintendo) game console with 2 SNES game controllers, power supply

-SD2SNES (revision F) flash cartridge including 128gb microSD card. This is the best flash cartridge you can get, and supports nearly every single SNES game including Super FX, DSP, CX4, SA-1, and MSU-1 (supports CD quality sound and full motion video). Includes hard case with artwork for the authentic look.

- Super Gameboy cartridge with Hori Super Gameboy controller

-Insurrection Industries SCART RGB cable. This isnt one of those cheap $8 cables since it is shielded and very high quality. You will need an RGB capable display like a Sony PVM, or a SCART to component video (or SCART to HDMI) converter

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