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Ntsc & Pal NES Cib, carts etc A lot is gone but still nice stuff left!

Mar 20, 2017 at 6:27:40 PM
Dennis (70)
(Dennis ) < Kraid Killer >
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Hi there,

Well this is it. I already sold a bunch to my friends this is what`s left. This post contains the stuff i think is suitable for the NA community.

- ALL PRICES ARE IN EUROS!! please convert in local currency
- No more price limit but i prefer somewhat bigger bundles to keep shipping costs in proportion.
- I prefer higher feedback buyers.
- I ship from Europe, the Netherlands to be precise. I only send with tracking and signature delivery. That might be somewhat more expensive but i think is best for both me and buyer.
- If there are multiple people interested in one or more items i will sell it to the person with the highest lot price unless i agreed earlier
- In the description is the Title, if it is C/I/B , Format ( NTSC,  PAL etc ) Overall condition and possible details and off course the price ( € euro`s! )

720 CIB USA / NTSC good, some tape on the box 20
Bart vs Space Mutants CIB FRA PAL B Good 22,5

Bart vs The World CIB FRA PAL B Good 25
Battletoads CIB NOE PAL B Good 75
Blue Shadow CIB FRA PAL B Very Good 50
Bubble Bobble CIB FRA PAL B Good 80
Cheetah Bart Simpson Joystick  nvt.  Good 15
Gremlins 2  CIB FRA PAL B Good 35
Gyromite CIB USA / NTSC very Good 37,5
Little Samson CIB NOE PAL B Good, small dent lower corner 450
Mega Man 2 CIB FRA PAL B Good 65
Mike Tyson`s Punch Out CIB FAH PAL B  Fair/ Good 75
Operation Wolf CIB USA / NTSC Good 20
Panic Restaurant CIB NOE PAL B Very Good 250
Pinball CIB USA / NTSC Fair / Good 17,5
Shockwave CIB USA / NTSC Very Good sealed 17,5
Soccer CIB FAH PAL B  Good 20
Solomon`s Key 2  CIB ESP ( manual NOE ) Good t 120
Star Wars Empire strickes Back  CIB NOE PAL B Box is ripped ad with tape, price i basicly the cart only ; 35

Startropics CIB NOE PAL B Good 35
Urban Champion CIB USA / NTSC Very Good 75

SMB 3  C FRA PALB Good 12,5
Chip n Dale C FRA PAL B Good  10

The New Ghostbuster 2  C FRA PAL B Good 35
ZELDA 2 The Adventure of Link C FRA PAL B Good, some wear on label and cart 32,5
Little NEMO Dream Master C FRA PAL B Good 10
Turtles 2  C FRA PAL B Good 20
Adventures in the magic kingdom C FRA PAL B Good 7
260 in 1  C ?  Good 12
220 in 1  C ?  Good 12
24 in 1  C ? ok 12,5
4 in 1 (1) C ? ok 5
4 in 1 (2) C ? ok 5

The New Ghostbuster 2  C Pal Good 35
Battle Kid CIB Region free  Good 50


GB Classic Console set with headphones, etc. missing front styro Pal Good  120
Castlevania 2 Belmont`s Revenge CIB FRG Very good 160
Castlevania Adventure CIB USA / NTSC Good 45

Ducktales CIB FAH Good 25
Kid Dracula CIB NOE Very good 355
Probotector 1 CIB SCN Good 50
Probotector 2 CIB EUR Good, little dent, sticker residue and slight sticker damage on front cover 75
Super Mario Land 2 Golden Coins CIB GPS Good 22,5
Zelda Link`s Awakening  CIB Pal Very good 50


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Mar 20, 2017 at 7:46:44 PM
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