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wtb high quality 2 or 4 player controller for mame

Mar 13 at 7:16:42 PM
poseur3970 (56)

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apparently dreamauthentics is who used to be slikstik  about ten years ago i had a quad slikstik unit that i paid about 650 for now 1300!!!!    anyway now i'm looking for a nice two or 4 player control panel for mame, i'm not looking to spend a thousand dollars unfortuanately but can someone point me in a direction for at least a mid grade to high quality 2 or 4 player controller, spinner and track ball not necessesary but def. the stick with street fighter button layout, again any help would be greatly appreciated and of course willing to trade stuff from my sale thread toward purchase none of my nes or genesis stuff is even listed yet, just help make this come true for me and my fiancee, i'm finally with a girl gamer