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Post office pissing me off

Oct 10 at 3:16:22 AM
Regulus99 (0)

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I ordered a game off ebay 10 days ago. The game I ordered was in another state 4 hours away. My local post office keeps shipping it back and forth between local distribution centers. This just didn't happen to me it happen to my cousin too. My cousin ordered some aquarium plants that were time sensative. By the time he got them they were dead. I've been tracking this game for 10 days and I paid $100 for it. I would like to make a complaint but don't know to who. It's been to 3 differenet distribution centers. My local post office has their head up their ass. I've been ordering stuff for years off the internet and never had a problem until now. The game was 5 miles from my house then they sent it to another distribution center 25 miles away.

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Oct 10 at 3:35:04 AM
Jeevan (4)
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wow, postmaster general or head postmaster at your local post office? Thats pretty fucked up. sounds like a big ole' pain in the ass tbh.

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Oct 10 at 6:53:40 AM
dragonwarrior83 (36)
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I had that happen once but it was more like 6 states away, took me 5 weeks to get my game. Hope everything works out for you.

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Oct 10 at 7:40:49 AM
Tyree_Cooper (37)
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very rarely have issues with post offices worldwide, but when i do, it's in the usa

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Oct 10 at 11:06:42 AM
Metal_Mantis (0)

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Good luck man

Oct 10 at 7:45:02 PM
SNESfinder- (87)
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Post has been terrible this year as a whole. I've had constant ongoing claims, lost mail, re directed packages.. my eBay Feedback has taken hits for it. I've even gotten a few refund checks from the usps for lost priority packages, and a few letters of " sorry we fucked up and lost your mail, too bad for you " for first class and other services

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Oct 10 at 8:05:53 PM
Skorp (39)
(Bryan ) < Lolo Lord >
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Lmao, that happened to me once before. I couldn't believe my eyes what I was seeing. Took nearly 2 weeks to get a package that had 2 day priority mail shipping and it kept on shipping back and forth between different states (Florida and Texas). It is crazy sometimes what they get away with.

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